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This is the official website of music and movies from the stable of Marinba Productions. We specialize in the production of African music and movies. Marinba Productions has come a long way. The Director, Roy Madu, is a song- writer, composer, singer, performer, a scriptwriter, an actor, a comedian and a movie/music producer originating a brand of music called Marinba Music. His stage name is "The Towncrier" and it's relevance stems from the fact that "The Town Crier" with his gong is the accepted medium of mass information before today's Technology. Marinba is an African instrument that gives the tone of a xylophone. His music has its root in "highlife music", of West African origin and blended with Makossa, (Cameroon heritage), Soukos (East Africa), Soka (West Indies), and Calypso to a crossover genre. The music bemoans the political and socio-economic problems inherent in Africa. Through the universal language of music, the Towncrier tries to project a better understanding of humanity from the African cultural perspective by exploring the communicative and entertainment value of Nigerian artistic heritage. From the stable of Marinba Productions, "The Towncrier released Afro-Marinba Hits Vol.1, 2 and 3, which were all rendered in Pidgin English and Igbo Vernacular. Marinba Productions in conjunction with ANGELCOM ENTERTAINMENT featured a DESMOND ELLIOT FILM, “BEFORE THE LIGHT” and Marinba Productions in conjunction with BOYCEE FILMS featured another epoch-making film, "I SURRENDER ALL" which was written and produced by Roy Madu and directed by Boyce Uboh. This is an African story told in a western style motion picture. It is action packed with talents from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Guinea, India and USA. For more info click here: You can also see us in Cdbaby, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, Bebo and Reverbnation. Links to sites are found at the bottom of this page.

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Artist: The Towncrier
CD: Afro Marinba Hits Vol. 3.
Band: Afro Marinba Stars.
Label: Marinba Productions.
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